PalmOne Tréo 650

Anyway, I was in Beirut few days ago, for a type conference, and when at the airport on my way back, I decided to finally bought the object of my dreams, the Tréo 650. I use it in replacement of my Tungsten T + Ti 68 and very glad of all its features. Today, I tried to see if it work also as a modem to connect my Mac (for PC, use that pdf, should work?) to the internet via GPRS. After some search, I found that this simple script from Ross Barkman work well for me in France with Orange.

After installation of the new scripts (use the Generic GPRS CID 1 one), to be able todo that, just open your BlueTooth preferences panel, and add a new mobile, follow the process, and it should work easily.

For Orange, at least in France, just add those on PPP panel:

Orange GPRS (internet service provider)
orange (account)
orange (password) (phone)

In Modem BlueTooth panel:
Check only the ones who propose to display BlueTooth and Modem in your menu bar.

On the Tréo 650, switch to Dial-up Networking in the BlueTooth panel.

Jean François Porchez, 25 April 2005

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