Funny Q&A for Slanted

1. What aspects of your job do you enjoy?
Very first hours of designing a new typeface who will take months to be finished. Who have say that i’m crazy ?

2. Who was/is your idol?
Claude Garamond.

3. Do you work on free projects?
Sometimes, really depending of the context.

4. What do computers mean to you?
The tool I use everyday.

5. With what do you play?
FontLab when it work.

6. How do you balance family, spare time and job?
There is always a way to dedicate time for Love and Work, if you’re still the master of your life.

7. Which aspects of your work do you like, which not?
See 1.

8. Your favorite swear-word?

9. What do you do first after getting up?

10. Recommend three enemies:

11. Where would you like to live, where would you like to work?
A Meditteranean country with good food, good sun and beautiful people.

12. Design and politics – is this a topic for you?
Design is helpful for politician, but politician are not always helpful to designers.

13. Reincarnate as?

14. What do you collect?

15. What do you think about Prince, Prince Charles, Charles Bronson?
Do not know personally theses people.

16. What would you like to invent?
The wheel.

17. What is most relaxing for you?
Making love.

18. The greatest revolution was/is:

19. Whom would you like to meet once?
The client who never paid his last invoice.

20. Your favorite alphabetic character in your favorite font?
Ligature st.

Jean François Porchez, 18 April 2005

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