Missing articles from Graphis

Looking for some images from the newspaper Le Monde via Google, I found that old article from Graphis. I wasn’t aware that Graphis put some of their articles on the web!

Good news, specially because there is some gems on that page such the Q&A with Hermann Zapf.

What is your work philosophy (question to Hermann Zapf)? The interpretation of a message should be direct, without delays caused by fancy typefaces, amputated letter-forms, and other ideas ignoring the necessity of legibility. We no longer live in the time of Renaissance palaces and Baroque costumes but in the computer age. For modern industrial products, letterforms of the 16th century or 18th century are an anachronism. We should also stop copying 19th century typography and graphic design. Design has an immense social responsibility, a cultural message to people in regards to taste, education, and communication.

Jean François Porchez, 7 March 2005

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