Not always

Not everybody like Parisine Plus as headline face selected by Pentagram for the recent redesign of How magazine.


Others subject… on same website, a very good article on Roger Black. He is very good when he say:

The Boston Globe had a beautiful typeface called Madison that was originally their staple typeface, that [famed typographer] Matthew Carter had redrawn for them. Nobody else in the Unites States—or maybe in the world—used it. It was distinctive, very Boston for some reason, very apropos to the history of the Globe, to the whole thing. And then, for some reason, a new editor came in and cleared that out and put in Miller, which is a very fine typeface that Matthew Carter did, but sadly, it’s used by everyone in the world. It’s all over the place, particularly under the name Georgia.

Jean François Porchez, 10 February 2005

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