January 2005 type projects

This one has started more long ago, its an Office version, with smaller xheight of the existing Parisine family for the Ratp. Its a 4 weights OpenType family with a large character set including various ligatures and alternates. A beta version of the Regular is already used in many stickers that Ratp produced and also in front of their building in Paris.

This one is a Sanserif based on a lettering job that I have done in last october for a French bank. Its simple, basic forms but with round terminals. The current version is pretty close to be finished as an OpenType font.

This is more recent, for a New York agency, for a music celebrity who launch his fashion line. Its also based on a lettering job that I have done before Christmas. Its really still early steps, the lowercases italics are very fresh from yesterday night and this morning.

Another recent project, here a text version of a typeface family for a US newspaper, started last week.

Then, the headline version of the same family, who probably will never be used. This one is quite close to Ambroise, after client request. Its just an extreme weight; Bold, Condensed versions follow.

Tomorrow I will be in New York until the end of week, my schedule is pretty full now but I still hope to find time to visit at least the new MoMa. Good to see old friends during the lecture and after—on the 20th January… I will show bit more in details some of these recent type projects during this lecture. See you there.

Jean François Porchez, 18 January 2005

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