My new iPod photo

new compared to old.

Display of the clor screen using Myriad. The resolution of the font is not good as it can be on a Mac. But, you can display more lines of texts as you can compare on booth screens. Bit fuzzy as an old computer. What is interesting is the bitmap version of the fonts (as on my old iPod) are still in use when the iPod photo display large quantity of information, such the Calendar and so on.

But the photo display quickly as when seaching for name of a song. Its amazing! iPhoto work more slow that the iPod! I don’t have yet the time to play the photos on the TV but seems good options to organize the library like in iPhoto. When I told EvB via iChat again about this gadget, he answered me to be careful to don’t put all images folder, as they are suddenly very accessible to anyone that way, hehe…

Yes, the photo version is more heavy and thicker.

The negative aspect of this new function, is to display an album of 3 gb of images on the iPod, you need almost 20 gb of space because the iPod seems to create a special proprietary format and a large database. Still you seems to need also to transfert alos the original images too… not fun, and I hope they will improve that area soon. Currently asking on the Apple support forum about it.

Jean François Porchez, 9 December 2004

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