TypeLife, Dubai by night and day (final)

The “mim” (first letter from the right) is too large, and the optical size of the Arabic is larger than that of the Latin.

Very conventional koufi. The Arabic seems heavier and more stiff.

Gallery one The rhythm is ok but the “waw” is very strange. It looks like an O with an extra stroke.

Very funny terminals, especially the “waw”.

The 2 dots of the qaf fell off (top right corner).

The Arabic does not relate to the Latin at all.

Spacing problems (MacDonalds)

The Latin forms (Friz Quadrata) a solid base for the Arabic calligraphy to sit on.

Very strange mark on top of the “waw”. Is it a fatha? The fatha is slanted and there’s no need for it here since the “waw” is followed by an alef. The serifs are a natural part of this Latin but are an uncomfortable and unnecessary addition to the Arabic. They do not relate to the structure of the script, its history, or its aesthetics. It’s not the terminal treatment that provides an equal balance between the 2 scripts.

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Jean François Porchez, 19 December 2004

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