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The general feeling is now bit more powerful in term of use of color. We hope to have improved legibility by increasing the size of the serif font and by a more clear use of colors in various columns. The website is currently very valid and valid despite it is not finished yet!

There is still many small details to improve, our todo list is pretty long in this regard! For exemple, we will launch a “Essayage de fontes” (Online try out of the fonts) next week. It will be a great help we for customers who want to see special words in particularly weight of a particularly typeface.

We connected this redesign with the launch of Costa PTF my first OpenType for retail collection. It was an heavy task but the result is pretty good, specially when I started to use in in Indesign and Illustrator. I have noted that OpenType is wonderful for users but terrible for the Type designer!

Tiffany Wardle accepted last week to design a printed type specimen for Costa PTF. I expected a wonderful thing and I can be really happy with what she have done so far. Its visible that she like typefaces a lot! I have a big chance. Normally the specimen will be printed next week and ready for ATypI Prague conference.

Jean François Porchez, 17 September 2004

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