Bigger gap?

Following a recent article from Le Monde, its seems clear that a bigger gap exist now between Europe and United States public opinions. The article report a recent overview published by the German Marshall Fund.

The break is apparent specially when you compare US Republican versus European rather than US Democrate versus European. 81 % of Democates think that the Irak war cost more than what it improve, when 79% of Republican think the reverse. What is positive is 71% of American and 61% European seems to think to be in same side and should work together on international problems, and that despite Bush effect.

Anyway, Mr Bush popularity still on “the top for tshirts. or bags. I just hope that these people will be able to do not lost their sense of humor in the next four years…

With what happen in Russian recently (their own “little 11th september”), and how Mr Putin demonstrate again that he really don’t care about people life, we can be worried about our future, specially when we see that despite so long years of war in this little Republic in south of Russia, European Presidents all do their max to be blind.

Impressive: casualities, casualities 2, war budget.

Jean François Porchez, 10 September 2004

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