The other day, John D Berry (who recently wrote that book on same connected subject) asked me if I can remplace Matthew Carter for the panel on New typefaces for newspapers (during next ATypI conference in Prague). I accepted with the whish to help to sorted out the problem. Now that I just take a look to the final draft of the program, I realise that its not just discussing but showing some stuff from our own… Well, John don’t told me that!—I need to work on a presentation, so. Does I need to show this newspaper typeface I work on from 2 years but still don’t finished and published?

David Berlow, Gerard Unger, Jean François Porchez, John D. Berry. Daily types: New typefaces for newspapers. 14:15 – 15:00, Archa Hall 1.

Jean François Porchez, 6 September 2004

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