To do list: Apple Expo

In next couple of days, I need to jump to Apple Expo who is really not far from my home of Malakoff, around 10 minutes by bicycle. Not convinced yet, but interested in that items:

  1. A new bag for my 17” laptop.
  2. A 20” Apple screen.
  3. a new headphones for my iPod.

Any other ideas?

And will try as usual to see if there is any font vendors around and how looklike the new iMac and new version of the next OS. I will try also to complain about the poor type support at the Quark place (perhaps not)... I will miss as each year, the keynote who is really to far from my home and need 1 hour to get in (I’m not crazy).

I recall last year to have seen Steve Job in person at 1 meter distance with his usual Jeans+Black shirt with a bunchs of big guys around. When I’m recall about it, I think I miss the chance of my life to ask why at Apple don’t develop lovely multi-language fonts (as Microsoft do) for Mac Os X and why they still not jumped in OpenType—I’m too stupid.

Jean François Porchez, 31 August 2004

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