ATypI new era

Mark Batty was the first ATypI president elected in 1995 directly involved in type foundries after many years of presidency without real and strong connection to type. He will no restand for the board in Prague and named honorary president by the current board (effective at the AGM in Prague).

In last June, various discussions about the future of ATypI started in various places and I have decided to make a small survey about what people really think about ATypI. I published the results on the 24 July 2004. It is difficult to quickly see a clear picture between the points they make. But perhaps here are three:

  1. They would like a trade organisation with real power.
  2. They want to attend conferences about type, whether it is organised by ATypI or not.
  3. They intend to do the minimum to actually help-out themselves.

Then, two answers can be given to that survey: to let die ATypI because it will never work has it is; or to take over the presidency and change radically the board with a bunch of new people from independent foundries or clearly related to the core part of the type design business.

After long discussions, we figure it out that late option was the best as starting a competitor is not ideal and complex to built. In same time, ATypI have a long history and it will be stupid to lost it just because we doesn’t like current way it work.

So, the new candidates: Mark Barratt, Clive Bruton, Ted Harrison, Cyrus Highsmith, John Hudson, Gerry Leonidas, Thomas Phinney, Fiona Ross, Pavel Zelenka in addition to the current board members will revigorate the ATypI board and ATypI itself. Along with with the candidature of John Hudson as vice-president and myself as president, I hope we will achieve some changes in the belowed organisation, to create a platform more adapted to the new era. Its not an easy task and I will do my best to work on it. Any volunteer work take time and dedication who is not always simple to manage with the rest of the life.

In order to let members understood what the new board candidates will do, we will publish a sort of program in couple of weeks.

Jean François Porchez, 30 August 2004

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