Vespas & Lambrettas

Well, in case you don’t know, I was a “Mod” almost 20 years ago. The only thing I kept from that period is the joy of riding Italian scooters. Hum, music influence is still present too.

I tell you all of that because I found on the web that some Mods still around in Paris and organise a sort of international event around that. I still know some of them, disc jokeys and scooterists, but seems the life separated us long ago. Still, its a good souvenir for me. I found one of my first scooter on that image (1983), the one on the right (I’m not on the image). Still not on the images, but my earlier scooter was there, the blue and white strips.

But I found better, on the Isle of White rally 1986, I found an image of my PX 200 customized scooter at the time (blue and chromed on the left). The Scooter story stopped around 1986-87) for me!

Jean François Porchez, 16 July 2004

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