Thessaloniki 2004 (part 2)

The official David Hamilton portrait of Neville Brody.

Just van Rossum doesn’t like Neville when he take picture?

But finally Neville find out a way to take one.

Neville Brody and some others friends.

Gerry Leonidas and Petr van Blokland at 3am on the morning.

3am is more visible on certain people? (Mark Barrat, Karel van der Vaarde)

John Hudson and Pavel Zelenka, still 3 am.

John Hudson, now 3:05 am.

Simon Daniels and Kevin Larson improving legibility on their pocket?

Jacques André, ..., Peter Karow, ...

Erik van Blokland

Jean François Porchez, Summer Stone, Jean François Porchez?

Kevin Larson’ HELLO is enough legible for John Hudson?

Nomina is a new typeface for Italian directory by Piero di Macchi.

Microsoft Longhorn take too long time to came?

At least we know how many new fonts in Longhorn.

John Hudson finally find out a power plug! His own still somewhere in Greece FedEx office.

Letterror are to tall for Greek tables?

Adobe “Longhair” are gone now?

Nadine Chahine, Simon Daniels, Luc(as) de Groot, Petr van Blokland, etc.

Erik van Blokland explaining how to handle a Python?

Simon Daniels still support England for Euro 2004? Too much Thesis for Luc(as) de Groot?

Nadine, Simon again.

John Hudson checking his images (part 1).

The 3 students from the MA Typeface design at Reading.

John Hudson checking his images (part 2).

Still don’t know if Simon Daniels still support England for Euro 2004? Luc(as) de Groot open 24/24 for comments on new Sans.

John Hudson finally checking his images (part 3) and decided to take a last shoot.

“Grapa” is always good at the end of a the dinner.

“Grapa” is always good at the end of a the dinner (confirmation).

Middle of the night somewhere in Thessaloniki.

More later, same night: Erik van Blokland, Just van Rossum, Luc(as) de Groot, Jan Middendorp

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Jean François Porchez, 5 July 2004

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