Thessaloniki 2004 (part 1)

Gerry Leonidas listening during the lunch.

Robin Kinross try to capture the attention of Jan Middendrop (food seems more interesting).

Simon Daniels, Ole Lund, ...

Simon Daniels, John Hudson.

Cameras fight involving Adam Twardoch, John Hudson and myself.

Cameras fight involving Erik van Bokland and myself.

Erik Spiekermann trying to pass before Petr van Blokland.

Cameras fight involving Pavel Zelenka and myself.

Erik Spiekermann lecture.

Effect of Arab typography on John Hudson?

Nadine Chahine.

Justin Howes and Petra ÄŒerne Oven.

Gerry Leonidas “at home.”

David Lemon enjoying the end of France-Greece (not me!).

Disturbing word shapes.

Another lunch.

David Lemon wearing one of his Cowboy things.

then, Robin Kinross and Simon Daniels seems amazed.


Legibility panel discussion.

David “and” Carson “himself.” (Greek type joke).

Letterror again.

East European guys are really white skin guys?

Letterror again.

Funny Erik.

Funny Erik.

Half part of Letterror.

Cameras fight.

Erik Spiekermann puzzling Petra ÄŒerne Oven (check her mouth).

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Jean François Porchez, 1 July 2004

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