Buying real type

The last two days, I was invited for a lecture in Barcelona, part of the Ligaturas series. As usual, Barcelona is a very nice city, but among various things you can do there, I don’t wanted to miss a visit to Bauer Foundry, the last foundry in activity in the world (?) who still cast type. I meet there Wolfgang Hartmann and after a visit of the place where they still produce metal type (the day I came at least), I decided to buy two fonts, and couple of ornaments. It is not that I have a use for that type, but it was a interesting experience for me and good to have more of those for my students. The fonts are generally provided with Didot size, but Bauer provide in any Anglo American sizes all the fonts they have.

So, I came back with Rondo in 20pts size and Sirena in 12pts size along two lines of Weiss borders.

Jean François Porchez, 18 June 2004

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