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Very glad to finally convinced Evert Bloemsma to start a website:

Objet: Rép : kerning
Date: 10 juin 2004 23:00:19 GMT+02:00
Dear Jean-François,
you were right… now I have my own site [...]
best regards,
Evert Bloemsma

We meet for the first time during the TypeLab in 1993 (part of the ATypI conference), in Belgium (meet many people for the first time here in fact). He already published FF Balance at the time and I presented by future FF Angie still on its way at the time. I recall specially his fascination for Roger Excoffon and I was bit happily surprised that this French 50’s stuff that I admired and so out of fashion in France, was well know and respected elsewhere. His FF Balance is an homage to Excoffon Antique Olive. Then, we started to exchange view on typeface design, sadly not enough but each time we meet, always with great mutual respect and pleasure.

So, the last Evert typeface, FF Legato is again another attempt to play with the structure of typefaces, a sort of use of the broad edge pen without it. His previous typeface, FF Avance was also sometimes in same vein.

I’m very glad that this new website will be a good forum for him to expose his ideas and a place were more deeply he can present his typefaces design.

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Jean François Porchez, 11 June 2004

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