6 juin 1944

In June thousand nine hundred forty four, it has been already sixty years since our fathers and our grandfathers went (surrendered) to this earth (ground) of France, to free (release) the girls and the sons (threads) of our ancestors of the yoke of the Nazi tyranny.

On the beaches of Normandy, they left it the life.
On the beaches of Normandy, they lost their illusions on the human nature.
On the beaches of Normandy, they overcame the enemy.
On the beaches of Normandy, their offering was not vain.

Its important date for France and continental Europe. Allied forces (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, various African countries, France, etc.) helped to stopping down the second world war in Europe, and without them, Europe probably never emerged as it is now.

Mr George W Bush is arrived in France, for the 6 june 2004 events. Suddenly I’m in strange situation. In some aspect, I’m proud of what US has done at the time, for liberty against nazism… Big thanks to all young who died for the “free world.” Respect. In other, Mr George W Bush with all his actions during these past months, built a very bad image of occidental world to Arabic and emergent countries. I really don’t know how, with a new US president this can change. It will take years to rebuilt all mistakes?

Anyway, I’m not proud either of my own Mr Jacques Chirac, who has been re-elected for a second time and built system to don’t meet the court for corruption act and others things before his presidency.

Jean François Porchez, 5 June 2004

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