Interviews, articles

Jean François Porchez, L’excellence typographique – The haute couture of typeface design. Editions Perrousseaux. French-Ennglish. Monograph with contributions by Karen Cheng, Aaron Levin, Muriel Paris and Sumner Stone. Extract of the book. 05-2014.

Workspiration: Jean François Porchez on Workspiration website, 04-2014. Additional reference on the Typofonderie Gazette.

Jean François Porchez – Typefaces as voice of branding and publications, #QVED 14 conference, in German. 03-2014.

Jean François Porchez de Typofonderie #Pucestypo
Interview SoundCloud by Geoffrey Dorne, 06-2013.

Jean Francois Porchez #TypoCamp
Interview SoundCloud by Alice Albessart, 06-2013.

Au pied de la lettre + Version IciLife
Interview par Jean Fabien pour ICI Montreuil, 06-2013.

Jean François Porchez – week #29 – @jfporchez
Create and Rotate, 05-2013.

Jean François Porchez, l’homme de caractères de la RATP
Métro France, Aurélie Sarrot, 01-2013.

Nouvelle typo dans le bus parisien.
Etapes, 01-2013.

Paris buses get new Jean Francois Porchez signage
Phaidon, 01-2013.

Type design helps Parisians catch right bus
Creative Review, Jean Grogan, 01-2013.

Parisine Girouette Ratp
Video made by RATP on Vimeo. 01-2013.

Le site de l’Elysée fait peau neuve en temps de crise
Small quote by Olivier Tesquet, 12-2012. More.

Parisine Girouette,
Pecha Kucha Paris, 11-2012.

Observeur du design 13

Typecache Interview #03: Jean François Porchez
by Taro Yumiba and Akira1975, edited by Ian Lynam, 11-2012.

Les polices ont du caractere
by Corinne Renou Nativel for La Croix Dailynews. See comments en français, 11-2012.

Les Conqueror Typographic Games consacrent leurs médaillés
par Rodolphe Pailliez, France Graphique, 06-2012.

Conférence de Jean-François Porchez, Typographie et dessins de caractères
par ECV, 04-2012.

Jean François Porchez photos shoots during AIGA lecture in Los Angeles,
by Paul DiMalanta, 02-2012. More on AIGA’s Flickr page.

Jean François Porchez
by Destry Wion, Textpattern magazine, 02-2012.

To create a font: A design class with an international expert:
by Peter Kelley, photos by Mary Levin, UW News and Information, University of Washington, 02-2012. See also: Cheng Hosts Porchez.

Lectures in Seattle
Vimeo version of jfp’s February 2012 lecture in Seattle.

Type Designer Jean François Porchez in Residence:
Simpson Center for the Humanities, University of Washington, 02-2012.

The Red List/ Jean François Porchez
On the database of the visual arts, by Jessica Vaillat, Thomas Schmitt & Sylvain Churlet 2011.

Computer Arts Collection, interview
by Nick Carson. 12-2011.

Futura magazine, interview about geometrical typeface designs. p. 29.
by Sophie Hanoun & Lorena Bolta, 12-2011.

Jean-François Porchez à l’ECV Paris
by ECV paris, 11-2011.

The computer as modern art, Jobs didn’t just sell Macs and iPods, he made beautiful objects—a revolutionary idea in his industry
by Anne Kingston in Macleans, 10-2011.

Computer Art, UK in Get intricate with type,
by Symar Tariq. 10-2011.

Titans of Typography profile: Jean François Porchez,
by Richard Turgeon, WebInk, 09–2011.

‘The Blank Sheet’ – Jean Francois Porchez, About AW Conqueror,
for Arjowiggins, D&AD, 11-2010.

Jean Francois Porchez, interview by LePointTV and Whos’who France
LePointTV, 06-2010.

Brands aim to seduce the lover of letters
by Christophe David, Capital magazine, 01-2010.

Jean François Porchez, Video + alternative version interview
by Étienne Hervy, Étapes, 11-2009.

Sous le signe de la dématérialisation,
by Rodolphe Pailliez, France Graphique #302, 09-2009.

La lettre et le temps, Graphisme en France, 2009
by Michel Wlassikoff, 09–2009.

Creative Characters, issue 24: The faces behind the fonts, Jean François Porchez
by Jan Middendorp,, 2009.

Pica magazine: A while with Jean François Porchez. Published in English. Originally wrote by Lætitia Taurand and available online in French and Spanish versions. 07–2009.

Au pied de la lettre (pdf available.)
by Marie-Laure Desjardins. Cimaise nº 293, 2009.

Les Henderson de Porchez Typofonderie
by Jef Tombeur. Le Typographe, 2008.

Parisine dans le metro
by Yves Peters, Unzipped, 2008.

Face to face, an interview with Jean François Porchez.
by John D Boardley. Ilovetypography, 2008.

Abran paso a Jean François Porchez!!!
by Herminio Javier Fernandez. CuatroTipos, 2007.

Porchez Typofonderie
FontShop News, 2007.

Entretien avec Jean François Porchez
by Jérémie Werner. Visual Evasion, 2007.

À chacun son caractère + 2
by Catherine Robin, l’Express, 02-2007.

Deux alphabets pour l’école
Le point de vue de Jean-François Porchez, Actes du colloques en pdf. 2005.

Typeandsich: Bien plus que des caractères

Type Radio, Helsinki, Finland. 09-2005.
Radio interview 1, 2, 3.

A new style
The Baltimore Sun, 2005.

Typographie: les nouvelles polices de caractères
by Edward Lichtner. Caractère, 2005.

dot-font: Type Design Today
by John D. Berry, Creative Pro, 2004.

by Jean François Porchez, Typo magazine, 2004.

Type sites do Web standards
by Joe Clark, 2004.

Comment Jean-François Porchez a dessiné le Monde
by […]. Le Temps, 2003.

Two quotations from Jean François Porchez
from page 63 of Designing Typefaces by David Earls, Rotovision, 2002.

Soignez votre typo
in Stratégies Magazine nº1177.

Oblikovanje ?rkovnih vrst: na?in je obrt, rezultat je umetnost by Petra ?erne Oven, Marketing Magazin, 250/2002.

La création de caractères est autant affaire culturelle que commerciale.
by Jean-Christophe Loubet del Bayle. Les Temps typographiques, 2001.

The ABCs of J-FP
by Petra Cern Oven. Eye magazine #72, 2001. pdf version of The ABCs of J-FP

Jean-Francois Porchez: A daily typeface of Le Monde.
by Bernard Guillaume. Graphis, 2001.

dot-font: Signed, Sealed, Delivered.
by John D. Berry. Creative Pro, 2001.

Entre signe et image.
by Sophie Quéran. Manuscrit, 2001.

Jean François Porchez, (version Française)
by Joe Shepter. Adobe Galery, 2000 (?).

Le Caractère singulier de la typographie française, Muriel Paris. Graphisme en France, Centre national des arts plastiques, 1999. Republished online in 2014.

Jean-Francois Porchez Interview with Design Jungle
by Jina Park, First published in Korean, 1999. Republished in English, 2009.

Typo Expo à Go-Go
by Joe Clark, 1996.

Une famille de caractères très complète
by Jean Daniel Fekete, 1995.

The horizontal requirement, (etc.)
by Jack Yan. Cap online, 1995.

Typographie en France: Les maîtres de demain
by Gérard Blanchard, Communication et langages, Nº 100, 1994.