L’excellence typographique – The haute couture of typeface design

Jean François Porchez: L'excellent typographique – The haute couture of typeface design cover Perrousseaux

The monograph about my typeface design and typography work is now available at Atelier Perrousseaux publisher website. It’s a bilingual book French-English. I hope you will like it. It was a great experience. I would take this opportunity to thanks people who worked on this book: Michel Mirale, Michel Ballerini at Perrousseaux, Muriel Paris for the design, Hrant Papazian for the translation & Karen Cheng, Muriel Paris, Sumner Stone and Aaron Levin for their contributions.


Apprendre à apprendre – Learning to learn
Partager et transmettre – Sharing and passing on
Produire et vendre des caractères – Producing and selling typefaces
Réflexions sur le métier – Thoughts on the craft
Contributions – Testimonials
Caractères typographiques – Typefaces

Book: Jean François Porchez

Buy € 24,50
ISBN 978-2-911220-86-9
A4, 120 pages, French-English
Set in Ardoise (English) and Mencken Text (French), Mencken Head.
Book launch: Jean François Porchez’s Monograph, Paris
Read in French the Muriel Paris’ contribution.
“Read in French the Aurélien Foutoyet’ review.“http://all-for-design.com/non-classe/revue-de-lecture-jean-francois-porchez-lexcellence-typographique/

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Jean François Porchez, 23 May 2014