Dean Allen, a genius of the internet

Dean, was a book designer as he liked to define himself. He is one of those people who invented the internet we love. I owe him an eternal recognition. He is mysterious man and at the same time very close. The first we’ve meet was in 2001, during the ATypI annual conference in Copenhagen on his way to France. I enjoyed a lot his company on our shared gala dinner table. Beside his incredible blog posts and his dedicated page about a collection of prefered typefaces, this lover of text and typography has become an ingenious designer of the language Textile (which I prefer to his successor Markdown).

I had the change of being able to test his new Textpattern tool before the public launch for Without this tool, I do not know how I could have maintained between 2003 and 2012 the French community blog for which he had been a contributor. We still use Textile for (since redesign in 2003) and still running on Textpattern. Using Textile is a joy because this language is designed by a lover of text and typography. Its design foresight makes its use simple and compatible with the proper use of typography on the web. Textpattern, very easy to use, has been a pretty great tool for designing websites easily, directly editable online from a browser. We had imagined a French version of his tool towards 2003.

You’ve done so much for us and the internet. RIP Dean Allen.

Memories of our exchanges

Le 24 janv. 2003 à 15:44, Dean Allen a écrit :

Salut Jean François!
(Typing on an azerty keyboard now).
That’s great: no one had stepped forward to do the French version, and I feared I was going to have to trouble the beloved girlfriend, who’s much more comfortable translating in the other direction.
Getting pretty close to the beta version, and the documentation is slowly growing.
I’m setting up a web-form input for translators (for each entry there’s English in one box, input in the other), so you can work in the browser or paste in from elsewhere, however you like. It should be quite easy to do. I hope.
It won’t be ready for a while, but in the meantime you can sign up at your leisure for the freshly-opened alpha testers BBS at:
Thanks again!
- dca

Same day, on Textpattern blog:

24 January. This is great: thus far we’re lined up to localize Textpattern into Finnish, Swedish, French (JFP lui-même!), Russian, Italian, Spanish, German, Danish, Dutch and, yes, Tagalog. What a world. And Textpattern alpha 3 will be foisted on innocent souls this very day.

fax sent to Dean Allen

typographe-com 2003

typographe-com 2005 As it was in 2005.

Jean François Porchez, 19 January 2018